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Posted by Tickentock - 2 weeks ago

In January, I got onto a terrific pace, and I was really hoping to get the next chapter of Castle Obrio started this month.

But an arm & shoulder injury has thrown a spanner into everything these past 3 weeks. I hate putting my artwork on hold, but you can't rush the healing process.

It'll still be a while yet, but I haven't cancelled any of my plans. Definitely looking forward to when I've recuperated enough to hit the drawing board some more!

A health issue might slow me down, but there's no way I'm letting it stop my creative work.

Peace be with you all.


Posted by Tickentock - October 6th, 2020

October is here, and so is a new Castle Obrio comic! See it here: https://castleobrio.com/comic/prologue-15/

This comic marks the end of the Prologue. Working on the prologue has been an off-and-on project for me, but as we head into the main story, I'll be taking this commitment more seriously. As soon as I create a big enough backlog of pages, I'll start releasing Castle Obrio comics once a week!

Making the prologue has been a big learning experience, and I'm excited to give the main chapters all the momentum they deserve.

I'll keep posting updates here as I prepare the upcoming pages. Until next time, stay lovely!


Posted by Tickentock - August 31st, 2020

Check out my latest comic here!

I'm happy with this page. I tend to use pretty mild colors, so it was fun to make things more lively and vibrant in this one!

And at long last we introduce Milo, Conrad & Bristol, the three cronies. They'll get their share of the spotlight soon!


Posted by Tickentock - August 19th, 2020

GO READ: https://castleobrio.com/comic/prologue-13/

I wanted this done last week, but I hosed up my arm.

But in the end, nothing can keep me from my work!



Posted by Tickentock - August 5th, 2020

I have another video of my inking process. As usual, thanks to Oecobius33 for editing the video! This one is my new Knoth piece.


Also, my comic, Castle Obrio, is updating regularly again! Enjoy the latest comic at www.castleobrio.com!

From now on, the adventure continues every week. Peace out!

Note: For some reason, Firefox has a hard time loading the site right now. So Firefox users, if you can't view Castle Obrio, give it a shot with another browser.


Posted by Tickentock - September 9th, 2019

My Brutal Legend Dominatrix art piece now has a video of the inking process:


Thanks once again to Oecobius33 for editing the video and whatnot!

The character designs for Brutal Legend were fantastic, so I really enjoyed taking a stab at a couple of those demons!


Posted by Tickentock - August 9th, 2019

You can see my inking process for my recent Battle Nun and Toasty artwork in these videos.

The vids feature the characters' in-game quotes, and I was happy to oblige on the artwork. Credit goes to Oecobius33 for requesting the art and editing the videos!




Posted by Tickentock - April 12th, 2019

Posting some tribute pieces this weekend, with some more original content to follow.

Posted by Tickentock - December 22nd, 2018

Time to share some art! After my current work I'll have plenty more on the way. Mostly traditional, some digital.

Expect to see work regarding the comic project that I'll get up and running soon. Details on that to follow.

If you want a commission, I'd be happy to discuss!

Peace be with alla you. Here's hoping Newgrounds will be a good place for my art.